Angrip motorcycle handle has been designed in cooperation with professional motorcycle riders for the best body position possible while riding in twos. Angrip provides an ergonomic, stable and safe position both for driver and passenger. Handle is designed to fit into most popular models of sports bikes, naked and tourist ones.

Angrip is designed to be attached directly to the fuel filler. It improves the comfort of a passenger at an amazingly high degree. Just start using Angrip and the passenger will never complain about wrist pain or an uncomfortable position.

history angrip

In recent years, I have travelled thousands of kilometers throughout Europe by motorcycle. Many of these trips I made with a so called "backpack", that is my girlfriend. On some occasions it we rode over a thousand kilometers in a single day. The adventure and excitement that you encounter helps you temporarily forget about the pain caused by an uncomfortable riding or driving position. However, each time the passenger travels for many days in row, they may begin to complain about wrist pain and backaches caused by a number of overloads during braking or acceleration.
My girlfriend and I are both passionate about sport bikes and it would be difficult for us to switch to typical touring ones. This is why I decided to solve the problem. Over the past two years I designed and produced a few different styles of handles meant to improve the comfort of the passenger. Some of them proved to be more convenient than others. Step by step, these attempts helped me to achieve my goal in 2010. I was finally able to design a motorcycle handle, Angrip, which not only provides a stable position for the passenger but also does not interfere with the driver in any way. The idea of designing a handle that improves safety and passenger's comfort comes from my passion for riding in pairs.
I designed the handle so as not to have any sharp elements sticking out, thus improving the safety. Angrip was tested in 2010 by many riders. Having only received positive feedback , I decided that the handle should be available for all riders.

main advantages of angrip:

  • Stable support for even the most dynamic motorcycles
  • End of pain in the wrists
  • Relaxation for driver and passenger
  • End of knocking the helmet passenger with the driver's helmet
  • Sporty seating position even when driving with a passenger
  • Never again passenger will not be slid into the driver when braking
  • Standing at the center of gravity of each type of cornering due to the stable position of the passenger
  • Assembly time 5 minutes
  • Full concentration of the driver on a motorcycle
  • On request and with a surcharge of 50 PLN, we can fit the color to fit under your motorcycle.
  • Design
  • CBR 600
  • CBR 600 RR
  • CBR 900 RR
  • CBR 1000 RR
  • CBR 1100 XX
  • CBF 600
  • CBF 1000
  • Hornet 600
  • Hornet 1000
  • CB 1300
  • VTR SP
  • VTR Firestorm
  • VFR 750
  • VFR 800
  • NTV 650
  • R1 od 2000 roku
  • R6 od 2001 roku
  • XJ6
  • FZ 6
  • FZ 1
  • MT01
  • MT03
  • FZS 1000 00-2005
  • FJR 1300
  • XJR 1300 od 2007

  • GSXR 600 od 2004 roku
  • GSXR 750 od 2004 roku
  • GSXR 1000
  • GSXR 1300 Hayabusa od 2008 roku
  • SV 650 od 2003 roku
  • SV 1000 od 2003 roku
  • GSR 600
  • GSF 650 BANDIT
  • GSF 1250 BANDIT

  • ER-5 ab Mod. C/D
  • ZX 6-R
  • ZX 636 R
  • ZZR 600 94-2006
  • ER-6
  • Z 750
  • ZX 10-R
  • Z1000
  • ZZR 1200
  • ZRX 1200 S/R
  • ZZR 1400
  • ZXR 400 R
  • GPZ 500 S od Mod. E1(94`)
  • ZZR 600 89-93
  • ZR-7
  • ZXR 750
  • GPZ 900 R
  • ZZR 1100
  • ZRX 1100
  • R1 do 2000 roku
  • R6 do 2001 roku
  • XJ 600 Diversion
  • FZR 600
  • FZR 750
  • FZR 1000
  • FZS 600 1998-2003
  • YZF 600 R Thundercat
  • YZF 750
  • TRX 850
  • XJ 900 Diversion
  • YZF 1000 R Thunderace
  • XJR 1200
  • XJR 1300 98 do 2006
  • GSX 600 F
  • GSF 600 Bandit
  • RF 600 F/R
  • GSX-R 600 do K3
  • SV 650 do K2
  • GSX 750
  • GSX 750 F
  • GSX-R 750 do K3
  • RF 900
  • TL 1000 R
  • SV 1000 do K2
  • GSX-R 1100
  • GSF 1200 Bandit
  • VFR 800
  • GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa 99-2007







Installation procedure takes about 5 minutes. The activities you have to do during the assembly is to unscrew 5 socket head screws(imbus) with the hex key.

Next you have to put the angrip handle on the fuel tank adjusting angrip holes to the holes on fuel inlet. Finnaly you have to fasten angrip with exchangable screws enclosed to our product.

black colour: from 100EUR*

in motorcycle colour: from 115EUR*





satisfaction guaranteed...

       ...or get your money back.

Angrip was tested by big amount of motorcyclists and all of them were content by it's usefulness. We are absolutely convinced taht you will be as satisfied as they were if you buy it! We give you a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Buy and test it yourself, and if it doesn't meet your requirements you can return it. Return statue:

To return our product you have to show the proof of the purchase to the seller up to 7 days from the date of purchase. Product cannot have any signs showing that it was used not for the purpose it was made for. To return product you have to fill in the form where you are obligated to give us the reason of return. You can only return product purchased on our website  Provided all the conditions are met you can return product.