Motorcycle plate holders

Our plate holders are probably the first opportunity in Poland to gain a holder dedicated to the your motorcycle model. Our plate holders are light and modern, what is more, they have been done with very strong material that is harder to break than the standard " plastics " .

main advantages of our plate holders are:

very fast installation and deinstallation

fit to many motorcycle models

robust and toughness

Please ask for specific models!




Installation procedure takes about 2 minutes. Actions to be performed when the attachment is screwing the plate holder to your motorcycle.

black colour: 20EUR*





satisfaction guaranteed...

       ...or get your money back.

Our plate holders  were tested by big amount of motorcyclists and all of them were content by it's toughness and maintability. We are absolutely convinced taht you will be as satisfied as they were if you buy it! We give you a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Buy and test it yourself, and if it doesn't meet your requirements you can return it. Return statue:

To return our product you have to show the proof of the purchase to the seller up to 7 days from the date of purchase. Product cannot have any signs showing that it was used not for the purpose it was made for. To return product you have to fill in the form where you are obligated to give us the reason of return. You can only return product purchased on our website  Provided all the conditions are met you can return product.